Sri Lanka Economic Summit 2-3 August 2016

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Sri Lanka Economic Summit 2-3 August 2016

The Sri Lanka Economic Summit 2016, organized by the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, will be held on the 2nd and 3rd of August 2016. The theme is ‘Focus. Act. Deliver – how to unleash Sri Lanka’s unrealized economic potential’.

Sri Lanka has extraordinary economic growth potential. Its strategic geographical location, proximity and access to growing markets in Asia, high basic development indicators, and human and environmental assets, put it on a strong footing to be a star performer in Asia. Yet, the ability to transform this clear potential into strong performance seems to be elusive. What is required now is to move from issues to solutions, from potential to performance, and from rhetoric to action.

The focus of this year’s Sri Lanka Economic Summit is precisely that; transforming Sri Lanka’s potential with action. This year’s Summit brings together a unique mix of those who know it and those who have done it. Speakers include top names from across the world who, through focused action and high performance, have made progress and change happen. Sessions are structured to ensure that participants understand the issues, but are swiftly moved on to discussing possible solutions and feasible action. Speakers will highlight good practices from other contexts and distill lessons for Sri Lanka’s own economic transformation.

Tickets can be reserved by calling 0115588852 or emailing