Mentoring with YBSL

YBSL matches entrepreneurs with mentors

Mentoring is a critical ingredient for the success of new ventures. In addition to providing business advice and counsel, Mentors support, encourage and nurture young entrepreneurs to grow both themselves and their business.

Getting the right advice and having someone who is genuinely looking out for your best interests makes an enormous difference for young entrepreneurs setting out on a new and unknown path.

Volunteering as a Mentor is extremely rewarding and the bond you create with your entrepreneur will be life-long.
Why should I get a Mentor?
Learning from a mentor is the key to success. Mentors can help motivate you, reassure you, enhance your community connections, and keep you focused on your short and long-term goals.
Why should I become a mentor?
Whether you own a business or work in the corporate, non-profit or government sectors, sharing your skills and knowledge can help a young entrepreneur launch and grow their business, and turn their dream into a reality. You will play a pivotal role in the success of a new business and the success of your entrepreneur’s life.