How to obtain GS1 – Barcode in Sri Lanka.

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How to obtain GS1 – Barcode in Sri Lanka.

What is a Barcode?
A Barcode is a machine-readable code consisting of a series of bars and spaces printed in defined ratios. A Barcode does not contain any descriptive data. It is just a reference number that the computer uses to search an associated record that contains descriptive data and other important information.
Why use a Barcode?
• Increased checker productivity: Without barcoding technology it takes 10 to 15 minutes for an employee to process one customer’s requirements. But with barcode scanning it takes less than 2 minutes.
• Ability to have an automated inventory control system: As the inventories are barcoded, the whole inventory operation can be computerized.
• Ability to avoid errors: The typical error rated for a human data entry is 1 error per 300 characters. But those data entry errors can be avoided with barcode scanners as the error rate for a barcode scanner is 1 error in 36 trillion characters.
• Barcodes enables them to save time and costs: With barcoded inventories, work can be done with lesser number of workers at a limited time period, delivering them significant costs and time savings.

What is Global Standards 1(GS1)?
GS1 is the global language used by businesses to interact with both local and international stakeholders. The variations in carrying out value chain activities by companies make them unique from one another, these variations would also result in confusions among entities and this is where GS1 comes into play.
Simply, GS1 helps businesses to identify, capture and share information with each other which is crucial in every aspect. Today, barcodes play a major role in supply chains ensuring that products flow into retails at the right time.
Within the last 40 years, GS1 opened offices in over 100 countries and successfully provided supply chain standards to millions of members. GS1 saves time and money by reducing administration and paperwork. Through these global standards retailers can track products at every stage of the supply chain and realize changing consumer demands at the minimal cost.
Barcodes play a major role in supply chains empowering parties such as retailers, manufacturers, transport providers and hospitals to identify and track products which moves through the supply chain. Barcodes are symbols that could be scanned electronically through laser or camera-based systems and these codes comprise of information such as products number, serial number, batch number etc.

What is GEPIR?
GEPIR (Global Electronic Party Information Registry) is a search engine for retrieving company data hidden behind an EAN (GTIN) code. All participating GS1 organisations have linked their local databases to each other via the Internet, creating a virtual international database of company and product data that is freely accessible for everyone through internet.


Why join GS1?
Joining GS1 gives you access to a world class system of supply chain standards that can improve your business efficiency. Besides improving your business efficiency barcodes will deliver certain benefits that can distinguish yours from other companies such as;
• International Quality Assurance for your products: The GS1 logo appears on your product assures that your products comply with Global Standards One System.
• Products are internationally identifiable: A product barcoded in one country are uniquely identifiable in all the other countries, and can be scanned on the same type of equipment. Thus, your products are easily recognizable anywhere in the world.
• Your products become internationally competitive: As countries like USA, UK, Germany require exporters to have their products barcoded, you can have a competitive advantage over other exporters by barcoding your products.

GS1 Sri Lanka
The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce is the sole authorized body to operate the GS1 supply chain standard system in Sri Lanka. We issue international barcodes for Sri Lankan companies and maintain the Sri Lankan GS1 product number bank. We always ensure that our members have the help and support whenever they need to obtain maximum benefit from using the international GS1 standard system. Issuing or using of Barcodes from a different entity within Sri Lanka would be Illegal and legal actions would be taken against such Parties.

How do you purchase Barcodes?
It is a simple procedure as to which you could obtain your barcodes within a matter of Half an hour.
1. An individual present who has authority to sign an agreement on behalf of the company (If sole proprietorship/partnership the owner)
2. Business Registration Certificate Original and a copy
3. Director’s details- Original and a copy of Form 1 or Form 20
4. Billing Proof ex: Telephone bill or Electricity bill
5. Payments via Cash for immediate release of numbers OR Cheque payment in favor of “The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce”. For payment though cheque numbers will be released after 4 to 5 working days.

1. Category 1 – 100,000 Barcodes (100,000 Product lines)
– One time Registration fee Rs. 20,000/-
– Annual Subscription Rs. 17,500/- (Should be renewed each year by 31st of March)

2. Category 3 – 1000 Barcodes (1000 Product lines)
-One time registration fee Rs. 5000/-
-Annual Subscription Rs. 10,000/- (Should be renewed each year by 31st of March)


For more information on how to obtain GS1:

Dumi Peiris
Management Executive
GS1® Sri Lanka
C/o The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce
No 50 , Navam Mawatha, Colombo 2
T + 94 11 55 888 21/+ 94 77 7542779
F + 94 11 24 493 52

Jagath Rohana
GS1® Sri Lanka
C/o The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce
No 50 , Navam Mawatha, Colombo 2
T + 94 11 55 888 08
F + 94 11 24 493 52