Entrepreneur Essentials – Obtaining an EPF Registration

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Entrepreneur Essentials – Obtaining an EPF Registration

The organization that is concerned with this is the Department of Labour.

Commissioner General of Labour, Department of Labour Narahenpita, Colombo 05, Sri Lanka.

Tel: 94-11-2368917, 2368062, 2369190




The following steps are required to get registration with EPF.


1. Complete “Form-D” in duplicate with business registration certificate and certify within 14 days of recruitment of first employee.

2. Dispatch by registered post to the nearest Labour Office or directly to the Commissioner of Labour.

3. Obtain reply, which will be sent along with the registration number and two letters of the English Alphabet indicating the revenue district.

Note: Above can be obtained over the counter.

Documents required to be maintained by employer:

i. Payroll information, cheque roll information, extra allowance information, labour registry

ii. Attendance information

iii. Proof of payment of benefits (Central bank receipts, Cheque numbers, Registered post receipts etc.)

iv. Third copy of the “C” certificate.

Note: An employer of even one employee is legally bound to pay contributions to the Fund starting from the first day of employment. All employees should be enrolled by furnishing the relevant registration form called “A”, “B”, and “H”, whether they are permanent, temporary, apprentices, casual or shift workers.

Information Provided by: 

Central Bank of Sri Lanka